Thinakaran has more than 25 years of hands-on experience in manufacturing industry from Maintenance, Production, Engineering to Training and Organization Development. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree and has been trained in the field of Electrical Engineering.

He started working as a maintenance personnel at a semiconductor manufacturing plant in Penang. He later became a Production Supervisor at the same facility for a total of 10 years. While working here, he participated in the early days of Small Group Activities (SGA) which started in the middle of 1980s while working as a maintenance personnel. Subsequently, upon promotion to production supervisor, he participated as a facilitator to the SGA teams in his area of responsibilities.

He subsequently moved to another multinational company which specializes in the manufacturing of aluminum ground substrate (component) for the Hard Disk Drive. He had completed 15 years of service working at various jobs and different functions. Started work as a Supervisor later promoted to be an Engineer and Manager while serving various functions including production, production engineering, process engineering, manufacturing support, production planning, warehousing, operation training, corporate training and organization development.

He has successfully implemented continuous improvement teams (problem solving teams) or also known as Small Group Activities (SGA) / QCC and Self Directed Work Teams (SDWT). He helped develop the framework for the sharing improvement projects through the Continuous Improvement Teams' (CIT) convention.

At the training department, he has introduced "activity based learning". Learning can be fun if the participations are involved in the process of learning. Adults learn better when they are involved. He has helped many internal trainers to introduce activities / games into their training to help trainees learn with right briefing and debriefing session. Besides that, he has developed employees' development plans based on the organizational needs rather than TNA alone.

While at the OD, he has introduced Human Capital Development programs such as; Apprentice Program, Succession Planning, Talent Management, Competency Based Management and Enhancing Engineering Competency, to name a few.

Most of the trainings are workshop style that are activity based, where participants take part in discussions, presentations and role plays. Some of these sessions will be video taped and reviewed by the participants (if changes to behavioral patterns are required).

He also planned, coordinated and facilitated the yearly strategic business meeting, where the top management and managers take part in a 2 days and 1 night off-site Mission Statement Development / Strategic Business Meet. Later, deploy the mission statement to all levels of the organization through the Goal Setting process and development of the Departmental Scorecards and Individual Scorecards that are aligned to achieve the Company's Objectives.

Joining the CEO's overseas office at Malaysia in 2009, he is currently engaged as a Principal Consultant, Internal Auditor and OD Operation Head of CEO (OD Vertical) at India and Heads the Malaysia Operations. He travels extensively to Audit and follow-up progress of SMT projects at India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. He is a PSMB Certified Trainer.