Hari has 15 years of experience in HRD and Admin. Experienced in diversified fields like Trading, SCM, Electrical & Telecom and Tyrecord Manufacturing. Experienced in project and people management, excellent communication and interpersonal skills with a positive and analytical attitude. Proven customer handling skills and a versatile quick learner.Hari has done his Masters in Psychology, HRM& PG Dip in PM & IR.

Hari is a preferred consultant for Mentoring, People, Process and Organization Development, Team Building, Change Management, Self-Managed Team, Talent Acquisition, End to End Recruitment, Head Hunting, Staffing, Interviewing, Training, statutory compliances, ER / IR / Legal / Union.

His industrial experience includes working with companies like DuPont Fibers Limited, Sicame India Connectors Private Limited, RR Donnelley Publishing India Private Limited and IMC Limited.

In his DuPont assignments, he has really nurtured and practiced High Performance Work System (HPWS) for a period of nine years. As part of self-managed team's contributions, he has developed company's certified standing order, HR Manual / Policies, real Implementation of Learn - Teach - Learn Concept, Design and implementation of Skill Matrix system for PC and QA process, Participated in various level PSP / QC projects.One of the key member in achieving Deming Award by implementing TQM, TPM, 5S, Kaizen movement and companywide cost reduction projects. In precise, as he has grown up from Area Leader to Manager, he has the ability to put himself as a worker, understand their feelings and aspirations and on the other hand, as Manager, he has the proficiency to understand management requirements and the ability to get it done from down the line.

Hari presently plays the role of Principal Consultant with Centre for Excellence in Organization (CEO).He has represented the organization as QCC Facilitator in the National QCC convention. He is PSP Blue Certified Problem Solver as well Certified Lead Auditor for QMS as per ISO 9000-:2000 Version. Hari also handles internal training programmes for the employees.