S-COMP offers a complete end-to-end HR solution and services with a specific focus on

S-COMP is capable of delivering full spectrum of Compliance Services to individual firms irrespective of their location and size, characterized as highly experienced and visible working compliance team with exceptional rapport with Central and State Government Authorities


A-COMP provides the process for quick redressal of the wrong committed and deterrent signals,clearly demonstrating consequences of non-compliance. We continuously endeavor to add value to Corporate Governance and to make you free from financial liabilities.

We provide

  • Customized Process of Audit
  • Complete end-to-end Audit and Review
  • Detailed Analysis of Critical Factors
  • Thorough Audit Presentation

Service Provisioning

  • Audit records pertaining to Labour Laws
  • Better understanding in the current compliance status
  • Assessment of risk exposure in the form of criticality analysis
  • Formulation of HR policies in line with labour law

Value Proposition to Clients

  • Access to a pool of readily usable information/amendments in labour laws
  • To review compliance with tons of laws and regulations.
  • To conduct due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.